The steps for us to make you a model are as follows.

We require the project drawings (plans, elevations,3d) which will be used to make the model and allow us to discuss and agree on the scale, the cost and timeline from start to completion of the model.

Once the cost and time for making the model is approved we require a deposit of 70% and on delivery 30%.

We begin the process of making the model which include;

  1. Preparing drawings for laser cutting,
  2. Purchasing the materials required,
  3. Laser cutting various parts of the model.

We assemble the model in detail and finishing to the approval of our client, then we cover the model with glass or Perspex to protect the model from dust and damage.

The final process is the delivery of the completed model. We take pride in the satisfaction of the client.

To start on your model, kindly get in touch with us by sending us an email at