About Us

Model Maker Solution is in the architectural model making service for over 13yrs and was registered as a business in 2013, we are located of Lower Kabete Road, we are currently working with Architects, developers, engineers, planners, surveyors, individuals and other companies to offer our skilled and reliable model making services for their respectful projects such as, Masterplans, Institutions, Apartments, residential houses, Dams & rivers etc.

Who we are

We are a team comprised of model makers, Cad technicians and interior designers working together for over 13 years to accomplish the most realistic models on budget and on time, which can be used as a marketing tool to communicate clearly to the intended audience.

Why a Model

A model is a very valuable tool that allows you to make an informed choice and is a very effective tool to sell your idea, because the people you are selling the idea to are able to comprehend on the magnitude of the project, and therefor they are able to make informed choices whether or not to buy into the project.

A model can also be a bridge for communication between the design technician and a layman because we develop 2d and 3d drawings into a physical model that is understood by all.

A good model explains itself to the audience on most of the project saving you precious time by simplifying and minimizing the questions.

Models will save you a ton of money because they are easier to experiment with on a small scale where you can test on various materials and finishes and come to a decision rather than experimenting on the actual building which can be very costly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work closely with other Model Makers, Interior Designers, Contractors, Architects, Architectural Technicians, Graphic Designers, Surveyors, Cost Estimators, Planners & Project Managers, to bring to light the importance of models when planning for projects because people are able to see the challenges, plan and resolve them ahead of time using models as a tool.